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In another post I asked about professional resume services it was suggested I post my resume for everyone to review and give give recommendations. I've used this resume since out of college and have been updating as needed I'd like to rebuild my resume from the ground up I look forward to any criticisms and areas where I can improve.
Real Name
Phone number
Email address

Brown College Brooklyn Center, MN March 2004 - December 2005
Associate of Applied Science Information Technology
GPA 3.12


Technical Skills
Desktop OS's: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, OS X
Server OS's: Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, 2003, 2008
Server skills: Active Directory, Exchange 2003 and 2007, OWA, IIS, DNS, DHCP
Office Suite: Microsoft Office
Other Software: Citrix, Remote Administrator, VMWare Workstation, Track-IT Enterprise, Symantec, Parallels, Shavlik NetChk
Hardware: PC, Macintosh, HP Printers, Canon Enterprise Printers, Dell Poweredge Servers, Cisco Catalyst Routers/Switches, Watch Guard Firebox firewalls, Barracuda Spam filters, APC
Mobile hardware: Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm, Apple iPhone, Google G1

Company A Bloomington, MN April 2008 – October 2008
Help desk Support
• First line of contact via Phone, Email, Desk side
• Performed workstation imaging and inventory control
• Performed nightly backups
• Created procedural outline for monthly automated nationwide system image retrieval
• Provided remote support for nationwide operations
• Created help desk tickets on behalf of end-users to escalated to proper support groups

Company B Brooklyn Park, MN July 2005 – April 2008
Desktop Support Analyst
• Managed active directory accounts
• Imaged and configured new desktop workstations for new users
• Provided training for users who needed assistance
• Created procedural documentation for end-users and internal IT staff
• Configured, deployed and administered servers internally and externally
• Managed Ethernet and fiber infrastructure
• Administered Track-IT for incident management documentation, system changes, inventory management, and equipment budgeting
• Researched and deployed Acronis True Image reducing system downtime due to data loss
• Improved workstation and server rollout productivity 75 percent
• Managed software and hardware for entire department


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    Right off the bat:

    What MCP(s) do you have?

    Elaborate on the results you achieved by performing those tasks. Put more things like that 75% increase in rollout productivity.
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    I dont know the first thing about writing a good resume; however, if you go to you can create a profile and attach your resume. A professional resume person will read it free of charge and offer advice on some things you might consider changing.
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    What helped me alot was putting a billeted summary on top of my resume. Just a few "highlights" of the resume to grab the attention of the reader. Things like years of experience, key skills they might be looking and any major points. Next I have Skills outlined in sections. OS, Software, Hardware, Networking and Programming (I know networking is covered under software and hardware but remember most HR people are clueless). Next is billeted experience from all jobs including network size and number of PCs supported. You don't want it to be long but not short either. Next is work history which is just name, address, phone number and job title. Next is education and then any miscellaneous information like currently working toward such and such cert.
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    eansdad wrote: »
    You don't want it to be long but not short either.

    Right on. You don't want to get too detailed with your resume or else you'll sound like a broken record during the interview.
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