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I've been in the tech business for 13 years, most of those working for major telecom companies as a contractor, and a geek since the 80's. The past 2 years have been corporate IT. This is my 4th test and 3rd certification this month (A+ IT Tech, Net+ '09, and this one)

I know that difficulty is subjective, but I found the test to be only slightly more difficult than the Network+ 2009 edition, which I found to be very easy. Anyone with a fair amount of network experience should be able to pass this test without issue. Questions are fairly evenly divided between basic cryptography, Network/Host hardening, Intrusion Detection, and Security Policy and Procedure, with a little bit of authentication sprinkled in there.

The questions were mostly standard questions that tested knowledge of the terminology used, with a few scenarios that were fairly straight forward. There were one or two questions that were poorly worded, but I've found that on the other CompTIA tests I took as well.

What's really important is to have an understanding of the terminology used. You don't need any really deep knowledge about the topics, just a general knowledge. Though a basic working knowledge of systems and network security will make this test a breeze.

I think I spent 30 minutes on the 100 questions and walked out with an 835 having done about 16 hours of preparation. 8 hours was spent watching video that gave me a basic overview of the material I needed to know (from the training center I'm using), 1 hour spent browsing through this book:

elementk.com - Search Results

...and 7 hours or so taking the SYO-101 practice exam from Exam Worx. The practice exam is highly configurable, and offers practice and virtual exams. As a rule, I want to see very consistent high 90's out of 100 questions before I feel I'm ready to take an exam using these.

To summarize, I didn't find this exam terribly difficult, though I have a lot of experience. I used an SYO-101 sample test to prep. The most important thing to understand is the terminology, there are only a few scenarios in the test and they were pretty straight forward.

Good luck to those of you aspiring for this certification, I hope my information is helpful.
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    Hey man Congrats! I also passed todayicon_smile.gif
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    kadshah wrote: »
    Hey man Congrats! I also passed todayicon_smile.gif

    Congrats to you as well. What's next for you?
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    Congrats to the both of you on passing this today. icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrat, too easy : )
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    It is great to hear from people who have actually taken the test and hear an overview of what to focus on. I'm hoping to take the test in two weeks myself. Reading through the Sybex book and the study material on this site, the material doesn't look to bad. I'm looking forward to taking this one.
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    It feels great to study hard then see the Congradulations on your computer, doesn't it?
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