IT certification seems like a crazy prospect

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Hi Guys .... since i got my A+ in mid 2007 ... 2 months after that got a job from a internation company as a junior IT Technician my first actuall IT job .... 3 months later the web developer
left seeing the company has like 5 sub-companies .. in finance and education to name the few .. i was ask to fill the gab " part time " lucky enough the Intranet wich was asked to do was powered by joomla CMS ( got some books and videos from lynda cms and teach myself ) was just doin that one website for 7 months .. after a year i got the project of my life .. design the company website form stratch in one month .. as the company was to list on the johannesburgh stoock exchange anyways taught myself php and mysql and javascript after a month fighting with the graphic designers for perfect images i did that ..only to be given responsible to redesign all sub companies websites ... mind u education website with 20 000 + students need a student intranet system and all al other companies .. namely media ( newspaper ) property insurance and finance and also air services ....beggining of 2009 decided to go for more certifications and mcsa seems charming enough ... i did 70-620 for client and in 2 weeks will write 290 and after that Networ and the beast ( 291 ) ... since adding future certifications of MCSA ... i already went thru 2 interviews one as for all the things junior developer for one of the biggest finance companies in the world .. to web system administrator .. and both am waitin if i got the job ... the power of certification seems endless .. i wonder wat will happen after i get my mcsa and wat ever certification i will go for before end year ( likely MCITP Database developer ... at my work i also assist the database admin cause we only have 3 useless universities in our country ) ... wats next seems so excited
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