Possible to setup DMVPN w/o NHRP?

SepiraphSepiraph Member Posts: 179 ■■□□□□□□□□
I was messing around with GRE tunnels, with the following topology:

# R3
# /
# R1 - R2
# \
# R4

where I'm trying to establish a tunnel 0 on R1 with tunnel 1 on R3 and tunnel 2 on R4. Came across Dynamic Multipoint VPN /w NHRP but I'm wondering is that any way to establish it w/o NHRP. In other words, is GRE tunnel only for point-to-point?

Edit: Since in the tunnel config. you have to specify the endpoint ip, the config I had in mind wont work... maybe try a tunnel in R2 and then setup a separate EIGRP between R2-R3-R4
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