Please help. Switch has no .bin. Cant get it to work

DanhDanh Member Posts: 59 ■■□□□□□□□□
Got a switch off of ebay. It shows nothing when I do a "dir:flash"

Nothing shows up. I just get a switch> prompt.

I tried a "boot" and it cant boot the IOS. Gives me an error. (obviously because it isnt there)

So I copied a bin on to my PC. I then went to the switch and typed "copy xmodem: flash bin_name_here

And then I sent the file to the switch. The console said it completed succesffully however the switch said nothing.

I did a dir: flash and nothing shows. It shows nothing. What am I doing wrong? Do i have to change the boot sequence? It is still looking for the old image.

What am I doing wrong? Switch is a 2924
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