Old ISEB Cert, gained 1994

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Hi All, I have some questions about my ITIL qualification. I did my ITIL training in 1994 which comprised of two courses, Service Management and Service Delivery, I can't remember whether they were one or two weeks duration. This was followed by an exam at the end of each. The certificate states ISEB Certificate in Service Management, and I may also have one for Service Delivery too, not sure, I need to do some searching!

Having been away from ITIL for a few years, I have been working with it for the past three years. I am now looking at personal development but am not sure what level my qualification actually equates to now. It looks closest to the Managers certification. Is anyone able to enlighten me?

Another question I have is that I would like to contact the ISEB to get my name changed on my certificate as it's now out of date, is this possible.

Many Thanks.


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    This sounds to me like it was the equivalent of ITIL Manager training, but for ITIL version 1. In terms of ITIL version 3, I'm not aware of ITIL version 1 credits/qualifications counting for qualifications in version 3. I can't say definitely, but you might be starting from scratch if you want to achieve any of the ITIL v3 qualificaitons.

    Regarding the name change...I'm sure it's possible, but have no idea what the process is or how it begins.

    I think your best bet would be to talk with someone at ISEB.

    Best of luck,

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