Network+ what next??

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I just passed Net+ and A+. So should I go for MCSE next or Cicso? I want to get a job ASAP. Whats my best bet?


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    I assume that you are relatively new to IT or maybe you have a lot of experience working with your own equipment but have never worked for an IT employer.

    What you need is work experience that you can actually put on an application and/or resume. That combined with certifications gets the better jobs.

    Almost everyone starts out in the field in a low paying position, maybe part-time. But, it seems that once you prove yourself, it doesn't take a great amount of time before you can move on to better things.

    So, with that in mind, what to do is apply for jobs. Keep applying until you get one where you can gain experience, and remember, "you were looking for work when you got the job and you haven't stopped looking yet"--that is, always be looking for better opportunities. Keep trying and you'll get there. And, keep certifying. This should impress employers, at least some of them, that you are very serious about your career.

    Best of luck!
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    I must say janmike, that is great advice right there, you hit the nail on the head!

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    well, for the sake of giving a straight answer (maybe a wrong one) I'd say this:

    Do CCNA if you want to configure networks, or perhaps your looking at working at an ISP, or consulting for lots of different companies.

    Do MCSE if you want to install and manage Microsoft servers, domains and users.

    Most MCSEs I know don't work as "Engineers", meaning they don't design and develop networks, they simply administer them.

    On the other hand, I don't know that many CCNAs icon_sad.gif

    Keep in mind, MCSE is more of an 'Advanced' certification, and CCNA is still pretty much entry-level, although a notch up on Network+ (in my opinion at least).

    However, best thing is still to find a job and see what you like doing!

    Good luck!
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    I would do both. It isn't that hard to study two ojectives. Get your 70-270 book & Sybex's CCNA book and read both. MCPs are easier than Cisco, so while your studying MCPs might as well crack open a CCNA..
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    henkk wrote:

    Keep in mind, MCSE is more of an 'Advanced' certification, and CCNA is still pretty much entry-level, although a notch up on Network+ (in my opinion at least).

    As far as MCSE being a more "Advanced" certification then a CCNA I would have to disagree. In the "real" IT world MCSEs are a dime a dozen. The market is bloated with MSCEs. Cisco on the other hand will get you more respect than Microsoft, but that’s just my opinion.
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    i agree, mcse can be found all over just trying to get a job while most ccna's are harder to come by due the the high failure rate ( most pass it on the 3rd try) icon_eek.gif most microsoft certs, needed apps and study materials are alot cheaper too or to come by( yeah its a few books and downloading apps if not with books, ect.).. while you not going to find most ppl owning or aquiring there own cisco due to the cost.( book, routers, switches and parts).. MCSE is a cheaper and easier cert to do ...
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    henkk wrote:
    Keep in mind, MCSE is more of an 'Advanced' certification, and CCNA is still pretty much entry-level, although a notch up on Network+ (in my opinion at least).


    Okay, April fools already passed but you got it backwards!

    MCSE is alot more common and I would suggest this route if your working your way up the network ladder. It will be a better choice to get your foot in the door as there are more low level/entry level network admin type jobs that require microsoft knowledge than low level/entry level network hardware jobs for cisco.

    CCNA is a more difficult certification and worth more. You will probably get a better paying job but the downside is that your not going to get your foot in the door with an entry level CCNA type job i.e. configuring routers with no experience

    If you wish to go the cisco route - I personally suggest first getting your foor in the door with a network admin type job that a MCSA/E may assist you with - then while working, also work on your CCNA and try to work on network hardware at your existing job. Then when you have the CCNA and some experience working with network hardware you can try to move entirely into a network hardware career and move up with more cisco education.
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    sab4you wrote:

    Okay, April fools

    It's August 22 of the year two thousand and four. icon_wink.gif

    Unless there's an all-year-round april fools.
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