Taking 70-621 next tuesday

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Scheduled the 621 for next Tuesday morning and I just kind of want to get it over with since, I will be one test away from the MCSA. Either way, I have watched the CBT Nuggets and fooled around with Vista somewhat. There are some things that I want to focus on a bit more like BitLocker, but does anyone else recommend things to do, that you might not really do on Vista?


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    How'd you do?

    I'm comtemplating taking this after watching the CBT Nuggets. On first impression, it seems pretty simple forward.
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    I did pretty good! I passed with a 933, but I don't know if some of the material was covered in depth by the CBT Nuggets videos. You need to fool around with Vista a bit, make sure you fool around with IE7, networking, and any features included in Vista (such as sidebar or the media center). Even though stuff wasn't really covered extensively in the nuggets videos, I thought the test was really easy based just on the questions. When you take it, you'll see ;)

    My only problem was with Prometric! Man, what a mission that was. I had the test scheduled for 10 and got there was waiting in the room for about 45 minutes. The whole time the receptionist was telling me that they were just preparing my computer, but after that time they told me one of their IT computers are broken, and since they have a list of people coming, I would have to come back at 3:30. I was pretty pissed, but came back and aced the test. After the test, they weren't able to print out the Microsoft page, and told me that they would be sending me the results via email, which of course I haven't received. Microsoft hasn't updated my test on the MCP site, so I am waiting another day before giving them a call. Hope everything works out.
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    Damn I hope it works out for ya. I'm currentlly watching the same CBT Nuggets program too. What was your favorite section?

    My only problem with CBT and Train Signal they talk down to you like you don't know what PPP is or what Active Directory is. Obviously if you've passed the MCDST you should know what Active Directory is and I find it kind of frustrating they talk to us viewers like we don't know what were doing (even simple tasks)

    Did you have the same feeling?

    Gratz on passing!
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    YeS! I just got the emails from Microsoft! Nice just one more for my MCSA!

    Yeah I mean I understand CBT Nuggets, and kind of way they talk down to you. They do it for the average user trying to learn the material. I would prefer it, if it was a bit more technical, like some videocasts on the Internet, and I think it would be a bit more engaging.

    My favorite part was learning some of the security features and actually why they were designed. When you start to look at some of the stuff Vista doesn't seem so bad, but again in reality some of these things are hard to implement without moving your whole company over to a Vista/Windows 2008 server environment, and because of that it causes more headaches then helps in some cases. I also thought the Media Center was pretty cool. I had never really fooled around with it, but it has some cool things and streaming stuff from your computer is the future, in my opinion. Yeah, I think this test kind of changed a bit of my perception of Vista, and at the same time even though I know how good Windows 7 is, I am able to see how some of the things that Microsoft was trying to do with Vista, are actually getting implemented right with Windows 7, which is cool. It makes me kind of smile, when someone says how good Windows 7 is compared to Vista.
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    Congrats on the pass! I'm really thinking about just taking this to see if I can without wasting all summer studying (I'm the type that over prepares).

    I've had similar issues with Prometric (tests not being ready, not getting printouts, etc). I called to get them to resend one of the printouts that didn't print and I haven't gotten it yet. I've been told you need to call several times to get them to act.

    They're here in Baltimore...I may have to pay them a friendly visit one of these days on my lunch break.
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