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Hi TE,

I was all set to take (and hopefully pass) my CCNA today, but ran into some issues with the testing center... Read about my experience today .

Anyhow, I've began to study for my CCNA Voice and I'm running into a few problems. In my lab at work, I have a 3745, some 7961G phones and tons of 7906G. My problem is (if I'm understanding these links correctly) Cisco 4.0(3) Supported Firmwares and Platforms and Cisco 4.0(0) Supported Firmwares and Platforms , the 3745 cannot support the 7906 unless I have CME 4.0(3) or higher. I can configure the 7961G phones with no problems, but I cannot do anything for the 7906.

If this is true, is there a cisco command that can verify the version of CME that I'm running or would I just have to know based on my IOS?

The unfortunate problem with my CME situation is our equipment is purchased through an unending bureaucratic process in which no one knows who has the SmartNet info. Because of this, downloading an updated version of CME is rather painful.

I hope this makes sense... any help is greatly appreciated.

~Peanut Head
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