Windows OEM Activation Pop-ups

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Okay so I wake up this morning and my computer says I need activate windows vista.

Funny thing is, its an OEM version of windows vista that came with the computer when i purchased it.

I installed some updates the other day and restarted and I'm guessing one of these updates is a new annoying Microsoft attempt at anti-piracy.

Apparently this update removed my XRM-MS digital certificate file. So I reinstalled it from the OEM disc and windows is activated, viola!

Except now windows keeps popping up now saying "Windows Successfully Activated" (and ya have to click close) to get out of it.

At first I did not think nothing about it but now that its done popped up at least 20 times in the past 4 hours, It's really starting to annoy me.

Any one else having this same issue?
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