any advice for 3rd time taker?

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On June 15th, I will be taking the 70-270 exam for the 3rd time! I have read Sybex's book, Microsoft Press' book and now I plan on going through my Transcenders and the Microsoft Readiness software. Any other advice? I can't even remember the past tests since I have spaced them out in the past year...b


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    If you're anything like me the MSPress book didn't help you very much. I would spend all your time on the Sybex book. Other than that, good luck.

    I am sitting this exam on the 15th as well. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. It sounds like you've invested enough in this test and deserve to pass.
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    Go through Transcenders thoroughly and make sure you read and understand the explanations for the questions. Also, spend some extra time with IIS and security(templates, permissions, encryption, etc).
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    From my experience,Use Transcender, Sybex book and Study through what you didn't achieve good in which will boost up your Score.And like djhss68 said..Spend some with Permissions and encriyption.
    Wish you all the best for your exam too !
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    I personally found the MS Press book on this really good. Aslong as you know and understand the contents of book, this exam should be a breeze. Whats your scores? whats your weaker areas?
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    Don't forget to go over printer permissions as well. I had a question or two I recall on those.
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    Personally I thought the self paced book was more than adequate - very boring, very dry but spot on material-wise. If you understand, do the labs and remember it you will definitely pass. I would imagine the problem has not been with the choice of materials but with how you've learned it.

    I think it's important to do the labs. I set up a virtual network using Virtual PC and did most things I learned a couple of times. When you do the practice tests, make notes from from the explanations so you really understand what you needed to know. Don't just keen taking the tests or you'll merely memorise the answers and they will be useless.

    If you don't know the answer the a question in the exam remember the answers is probably "do it using a GPO" or Port 80!
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