Passed Network+ 2007, Comptia shows Network+ 2002!

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Made an account for the network+ cert and on the candidate record I get: " Candidate Record The following fulfillment bundles are awaiting address verification: * Network+ 2002 Kit If the address listed below is correct, please press "Verify" at the bottom of the page. If incorrect, use the Update Personal Info link to edit your information. General Information Verify that name is as it should appear on certificate." I took 2007, even the score report says 2007, what gives? And how do I add my A+ that I finished 3 days ago to the list to get both cert mailed to me.


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    Don't worry about it - did the same thing for me when I got my Network+ (took 2005 but said it was sending a 2002 kit) and my A+ (took 2003 but said it was sending a 2001 kit)...they just haven't updated the automated messages on their website, but you do get the certificate that corresponds with the exam you took.
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