Okay new here, lost confuse, and well feel bad 70-270

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I've just completed 70-270, and well I'm shamed to admit failed.

What I would like to ask, is this (and yes you may be justified in doing so
but please no lynching me yet!)
Was it just be having a funny 2hours and going mad, or does the exam
actually reference and ask question relating to networking queries
ie. IP addressing, and server/firewalls
So I gotta know, were did this appear in the course syllabus for
'Installing, Configuring, and Adminstering Windows XP Professional'

it covers things like
Automated Installations.
System Configuration/Monitoring byt use of counters.
Communication devices (nothing to heavy)

A good part of the exam, and it felt like I was doing a CISCO course...


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    No need to shame...

    Did you read the "Skills being measured" for the 70-270 exam at:

    The topics you mentioned are meant to be on the exam:

    Implementing, Managing, and Troubleshooting Network Protocols and Services
    Configure and troubleshoot the TCP/IP protocol.
    Connect to computers by using dial-up networking.
    - Connect to computers by using a virtual private network (VPN) connection.
    - Create a dial-up connection to connect to a remote access server.
    - Connect to the Internet by using dial-up networking.
    - Configure and troubleshoot Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).
    Connect to resources by using Internet Explorer.
    Configure, manage, and implement Internet Information Services (IIS).
    Configure, manage, and troubleshoot Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance.
    Configure, manage, and troubleshoot an Internet Connection Firewall (ICF).

    The page at MS shows "You will need to supplement the course with additional work." for some of the exam objectives.

    The best way to prepare for 1 of the core exams including 70-210 and 70-270 is to buy the MS Training Kit, install the OS at home in a lab with at least 1 win2000 domain controller, and take all the labs in the book.

    Let us know if you need help with any topics,

  • D-boyD-boy Member Posts: 595
    What is the best MS Training Kit book to get for this exam 70-270? is there a 2nd edition? Or is there just the 1st edition??

    I all ready have the MS Training Kit for Windows 2000 4 core exams,
    2nd edition.

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    I used the Sybex study guide, it has all the info you need - but, this exam is (like you have seen) oriented toward Windows XP Pro in a MS network scenario with Group Policy and Server access and Remote installations and troubleshooting being key. Some of the questions ask you about the Server OS settings for things, you need to set up and use the system in a Networked enviroment with AD really to get the full knowledge required. If you can't do that then I think the exam could be hard for you, if I remember correctly there were quite a few questions on Network troubleshooting as well. Best advice is to get a network set up otherwise learning that stuff without experience of it would be very hard.
  • D-boyD-boy Member Posts: 595
    Thanks, that sounds like the best way... to see it in action. That also helps me to remember alot because I have a picture in my head of how I did certain things.

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