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Been reading over the Tech notes (I think they’re awesome) and I noticed that they list encoding types. Such as Manchester, Differential Manchester, 4B/5B with NRZI, 8B/10B NRZ, etc. These don’t show up in the Mike Meyers AIO 2nd Edition. Does CompTIA expect you to know these?



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    No, I think they won't ask about specific encoding types or pairing them with cables and standards. I've included them for the sake of being complete, as the encoding types are the main reasons for the differences in the tranmission speeds. So when CompTIA asks you why 10baseT is faster than gigabit ethernet, you know why. I'm not saying they will ask you that in the exam (if I knew they would I wouldn't disclose it anyway), it is something they could ask. Apart from that, it's nice to know right? icon_wink.gif
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    Thanks for the response/clarification!
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