Only answer call on FX0 when handset picked up?

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Hi Guys,

I'm wondering if its possible to configure CME to only pickup calls coming in on an FXO port once a handset has been picked up? At the moment the call rings and on the 2nd ring the CME picks up the call and plays rings to the remote caller.

The problem with this is that the remote caller then gets charged and also I'd still like to use my telco answer phone service which diverts to their voicemail system after 7 rings if the call isn't answered.

So is it possible to have CME only answer the external call once a telephone is picked up?

Thanks in advance.


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    Sure, you have to send the incoming call somewhere (like and internal DN, FXS port, or external number assuming you have multiple trunks). Look up the connection PLAR command under the FXO voice-port - should look something like this:
    Voice-port 1/0/0
    Connection plar xxxx <- where “xxxx” is the internal extension (DN), usually receptionist.

    Then the line will only go off hook if the handset is picked-up.

    Right now it sounds like the router is answering the call but doesn’t know what to do with it. If you dial an internal extension after you get the second dial tone then the call will be sent to that DN.
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