Need some advice from IT folks....

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I posted last year or so about getting my A+...well a year later, I'm back in Raleigh, and now attend ECPI.

I have heard the good about this school, and the bad. I'm in the ntework security program. Yes they offer certs A+, Cisco, MCSE...etc. I didn't rush in, but I do take school very seriously.

I want to make a jump, and get into the field now. I want the experience, plus certs and the degree. I have heard folks say wait until after graduation, but I don't want just a piece of paper, and a "hahahaha", he went to ECPI what a joke.

I'm going for my certs, but now that I'm anxious to get in, despite the job market, now I'm perplexed with where and how to go.

I want to re-write my resume, and do something related to computers, doesn't even matter where.

This time I'm wanting to hear what I can do, how to shop around I'm in scholl and getting and/or should have one cert in a week or two etc.

I want out of retail for sure.

thanks in advance.

I'm nervous and scared...after all I'm 36 yers old.


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    Do you have a list of courses that make up the degree program? Personally, I'd shy away from schools that basically give you a degree for obtaining certs. It seems like you'd essentially be getting a degree that'd be obsolete in 5-10 years. If you're just looking for certs, prefer classroom training, and aren't too concerned about the reputation of the school/degree, it might be a good fit for you.
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    Well it's more than just certs...they're just part of the program. So I have been attending since April, so am I doomed with shame for attending ECPI?
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    I don't know anything about it. Spend some time googling it. There are usually plenty of people willing to voice their opinion about something. You might want to ask for references from alumni to see how they're faring. Ask potential employers in the area what their perception of it is.
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