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Does anyone who has taken the test have any suggestions for the best practice test set to use? I have read 3 books, and can now pass nicely on the three practice test sets that I have. For Net+ I found the ********* ones to be pretty good, anyone used them for Security +? A few of the voucher sites include one called Beachfront Quizzer, any opinions on it? Lastly, are there any good deals available for taking the Security+? I have Net+ and A+, does Comptia offer any discounts, or am I better off trying to find one of the soon to expire vouchers so I can save a few bucks?



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    killerpcs wrote: »
    I found the ********* ones to be pretty good
    Since it's filtered, that means it's probably a **** used to **** on the exam.

    And I deleted your other thread....
    killerpcs wrote: »
    I have a question that appears on two different practice tests, with different answers, can anyone tell me which is the right answer?
    NO -- It's not our job here to fix the **** answers and help people **** on exams.
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