Transcender Cissp effectiveness

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I have finally finished the all-in-one from shon harris, it was a difficult read which was not helped by my job being up in the air and other things in my personal life. I would rate my knowledge retention a 7 out of 10 plus or minus.

I have bought transcender for this exam (as I did for almost all Ms exams) I started taking some practice tests an after about the first six 50 question test's that I am taking I am averaging about 66% wich being that I haven't gone back and done any re-study yet (and I took some significant breaks from reading this book) I feel that is great.

Can anyone give me an idea how usefull / how close the transcender is for the cissp? In my past experience it has been crucial to help me pinpoint my weak spots for MS, but this is the first non-ms exam other than security+ I have taken in almost five years.

Thanks for all your help


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