Passed SY0-201

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I took the exam today and managed to get an 850 on it. I didn't feel terribly confident while taking that survey at the end (why don't they just do the survey AFTER you've gotten your score?). There were some rather strange questions, so I'll assume they were evaluation ones since my score didn't suffer as much as I thought it would. I usually just lurk around, but I wanted to thank those who posted their experiences and study information. Here's the study material I used and what I thought of it:

1. Mike Meyer's Security+ Passport, 2nd edition - This was my primary study guide. I read it front to back. While it lacked detail on some topics, I thought it was a good overall book for the test.

2. Sybex Security+ by Emmett Dulaney - I read this book after the Mike Meyer's (well, most of it, I left off after the cryptography chapter). This one went into quite a bit of detail and beyond the objectives. There's a lot of good information in it, but some of it isn't directly applicable to the test. It did fill in some gaps from the Meyer's book and I learned some pretty good stuff that I can apply at work.

3. Measureup Practice Test - I used the SY0-201 practice test. I thought it gave a pretty good feel for the actual test. My brother used it for his Security+ as well and thought pretty highly of it. I wish it had a larger question bank, but it definitely did the job.

4. Self Test Practice Test - I used the SY0-101 practice test (I had it from when I took a security course a couple years back). Although it wasn't geared toward the 201, I felt that it exposed me to a bigger variety of questions than the Measureup did. I preferred the Measureup, but I think this rounded out my preparation well.

I hope this information helps someone out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll contribute what I can. Thanks again for the posts and good luck to everyone on their certification endeavors! I'm taking ICND2 next to finally complete my CCNA.


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