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Tonight I decided to install the CD that came with my Exam Cram book, the Measure Up practice test questions. I was a little taken back by the questions. They seem to be a little on the difficult side compared to the Transcender questions. They actually remind me of the TestOut questions in the wordiness and complexity. I just wanted to know if anyone that has taken the 70-270 has seen these questions and if so how do they compare to the real deal?

From what I understand, the Transcender questions are very close to the real thing.
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    I used the "Measure Up practice test" for the 70-270.

    These questions I feel are harder than the exam (maybe just worded differently and more long-winded). I used transcenders for my 70-291 and found them to be nearer the real thing - not sure about this exam though.
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    I just took it. Compared to the questions I got the measure-up ones that cam with the self-paced book were harder. The exam was surprisingly easy and the questions much more direct, less wordy and not deliberately tricky.

    The majority had one very obvious right answer (if you happened to know it).
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