Exam review techniques

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I am listing my current review technique here for critque (since I value everyone's advice at TE) in two parts past and present

1. So far I have read the all in one, it took longer than normal because the material beat me down and I was depressed about maybe losing my job; so I have forgotten alot of stuff that was foreign to me. I believe I have a much better than average understanding of security conecepts since I have put mega time into studying this area even before CISSP.

2. That said this is what I am doing and want to know what everyone thinks. I have been taking the transcenders, and I buy them almost exclusivly for their explanations, when you miss a question they define the technology and *Explain* why your answer was applicable or not suitable.

So I am going to open all three exams end them without answering any questions print to a .pdf and then concatenate the explanations of the questions I don't understand (into one document) or topics I am unfamiliar or weak with. The I will utilize the books I have and the net (especially wikipedia) to research and read up on these topics. I always make these types of notes near the end of my study to help me memorize standards or definitions that I don't have burned to memory.

Thanks again everyone on this forum has been great.
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