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Hello everyone!

I have been in the computer industry since 2001. I started out as a lowly support technician for an ISP, don't wanna name any names, ahem, Hughes. I learned alot about proxy servers and basic internet routing and email routing through our isp, and kind of worked my way into hardware slowly from there. Bumped up my position to a different company, which was a web hosting company. Had an overnight position, and learned tremendous amounts of information on linux servers and windows servers.

The farm was actually inside the building and was all backed up on a gigantic generator in case of storms. **This is in Florida btw so hurricane disaster recovery is a big deal there** Anyways, I then change positions again and moved into a more hands on approach as a help desk technician. Here I learned all about how an office and the users within operate when things do and don't work. Did this for 2 years and I must say I do not enjoy being the man to call when a monitor isn't working, because someone forgot to turn it on. Even though I know this is part of the package deal, I feel Help Desk is geared more to user productivity within the office, as opposed to what really makes everything communicate that no one is aware of.

I moved again to another position, which required all of my IT experience to assist in implementation, rollout, and installations of a proprietary server software through an OLD language called PICK, OR D3 for those who know of it. I was recently laid off, but 1 door opens and another door closes. I've had my hands on 2003 servers, 2000 servers, 2008 servers. Configured and administered Domains through AD, and managed Citrix Servers and client side software. I've had my hands in literally everything, BUT as many of you out there can say, jack of all trades, master of none. UNTIL NOW.

1 door closes, 2 doors open. I recently have self taught through the A+ and Net +. And successfully have passed them within the last month and a half. Now, I am not exactly sure which direction I want to go. I want to deal more with Cisco related hardware and VOIP systems. #1 that is where I want to be, although I know even though I will be far far away from the microsoft galaxy, a 2003 Domain Forest or AD will come along that I will need the PROPER experience to deal with. Any suggestions where to go from here? Thanks guys!


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    I want to deal more with Cisco related hardware and VOIP systems. #1 that is where I want to be
    This sounds like a job for a CCNA (and the CCENT if you take the 2 exam option) and then a CCNA:Voice Certification!!

    Also check out the Partner Locator on the Cisco website and get an idea of the Cisco Business Partners in your area.
    :mike: Cisco Certifications -- Collect the Entire Set!
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