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This was my first time doing the A+ and I was really nervous. Gather as much material as you can from all the books (smarter faster, AIO) and all other sources available(wink wink).

I did the exams back to back, as I felt that it was better to get it over in one fowl swoop. If I did not know everything then...then I guess I would never know it.

Both exams were set out ok(apart from some weirdly put questions!!) I got mostly network questions, but I think it does vary a lot from people to people.

Don't overcram. I did that a hell of a lot. It just gives you a really bad headache and you feel like your eyes are gonna pop out their sockets!!

Remember min OS requirements. Boot orders etc.

Only had one IRQ question and no other dmas or I/O.
Spent ages learning them ones off by heart!STAY CALM..GOOD LUCK!! :D


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