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Hi, I am studying like mad for my test on the 30 April and keep getting 90-100% on practice exams, but I am worried because people keep suggesting there will be a lot of scenario questions.

Can someone give an example of a scenario question at all?

I mean its all very well me seeing 'What OSI layer do you find IPX' and answering 'Network' etc, but are the questions in the exam so straightforward?

What is a scenario question, is what I am trying to ask.

Cheers ppl :O)


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    Here are a couple of scenario style questions from the Net+ practice exams of this site. If you haven't visited there yet I suggest a run through there as an ideal way to polish things off.

    12. You need to connect a network with 50 workstations to the Internet through a single ISDN connection and you have to meet the following requirements:

    - Only one IP address should be visible to the Internet.
    - HTTP traffic must be cached when possible.

    Which of the following services should you implement?
    a. Network Address Translation (NAT)
    b. Proxy Server
    c. Firewall
    d. Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

    16. A user complains he is not able to access servers in a remote network at a branch office, but he is able to access servers located in the building he is working. All workstations use a static TCP/IP configuration, you already verified that the IP address used is in the correct range and if the subnet matches. What is most probably the cause of this problem?
    a. Incorrect DNS settings
    b. Incorrect Default Gateway setting
    c. Incorrect DHCP settings
    d. Incorrect WINS settings
    FIM website of the year 2007
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    g00seg00se Member Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□
    12) Proxy is the only one that will fulfill the secondary objective, which is to cache data transfer.

    16) The default gateway setting is incorrect.

    Are the questions on the real exam this easy RussssS?

    Cheers for your help... :O)
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    RussSRussS Member Posts: 2,068 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Some yes - some no.

    the questions are not necessarily easier or more difficult, but are sometimes written in a way that can confuse one as to what is being asked. Those questions were from the question pool on this site - I recommend visiting there prior to the exam icon_smile.gif
    FIM website of the year 2007
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