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Hi guys

After graduating from Uni last year I found myself struggling to get employment, as most companies are looking for people with experience. Its a Vicious circle as no one will give you a break to get some experience.

I eventually got a contract job working for the local council on a rollout project that was meant to last 4 months - its ended up lasting a year so far. As well as my experience I studied and got my MCP certification in April for my 70-270 exam.

So now I am a graduate with an MCP and 1 years IT experience, I plugged my CV to just about every company I could and I managed to get a few interviews out of it. Finally yesterday I got the good news I was looking for. I have a job with Sonsub (oil company contractor) as an IT Assistant, which will lead me into working more with servers (which is where I want my career to go) and I think they may pay for me to complete my MCSA 2003 - as my 1st job is upgrading their servers from 2000 to 2003.

So this is just a post to give people some hope that if you work hard enough and are determind enough you will start to reap the benefits :)


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