Cifs authentication issue on WebVPN

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Hello all,

I couldn't decide whether or not to post this in the MCSE forums or here, but I've got a good one for you anyway. So I'm secretly hoping DT or Ahriakin are able to chime in with any ideas. So here's my problem, with the new release of ASA code 8.2 they added a new feature called secondary authentication. So I have it setup on the Web portal to login with username, NT Password, and a Radius password which bounces off of an ACE server. The initial login works just fine and with the Single Sign On(SSO) feature everything seems to work ie goto an intranet page that requires authentication, and a few network shares. I have been having one problem with a certain NAS device. I have the cifs link setup \\server\share like the others, and it will still prompt me for credentials. The strange part is if I change the link to its FQDN it works no problem.

The server name I am using for all 3 of my tests are aliases to different devices. the working two are on one and the problem one on another. The only other difference is I have access to the working shares via security group membership, while the problem child is by direct AD account. Oh almost forgot to add both aliases are set in WINS as well. I'm stumped on this one so far, as well as the AD guy I'm working with. Let me know if anyone has any ideas...

Thanks in advance.
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