294 Prep

FishOnAHFishOnAH Member Posts: 55 ■■□□□□□□□□
After studying sticky's and books I went through 10 questions in each of the 5 areas 294 tests you on within Transcender. My average over those 50 total questions was an 84%. Much higher than my initial, "I'm done reading lets see how I fair attempts" on 291 & 293 Transcenders. I think I am ready to sit this exam on Thursday as I have scheduled. I plan to continue to do Transcenders over the next couple days as well as review my notes I have taken. Anyone know if Wedge has a 294 study guide? I sort of make the same thing tailored for myself a list of facts just to remember before you go in, such as you cannot publish software to computers or you don’t want to assign software to users in a terminal server environment, slow link detection defaults to 500Kbps, things like that.


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