Passed SY0-201, recommendations for testers...

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I just took and passed my Security+ exam... barely. I have a lot of "higher level" certs already, so I went in there with absolutely no study time. I only needed this cert because it's a requirement for an admin account with a company I just joined. I was absolutely unprepared for the scope of questions which were asked in the exam, and have some advice for any other long-time professionals looking to just go in and take the exam:


It won't require much effort, but I suggest at least looking through the foundation summaries in a study guide to (re)familiarize yourself with some of the content in the Security+ tract. I was only 4 questions away from throwing away $250, and I had a horrible feeling all through the test that I had made a serious mistake in failing to prepare.

As a side note, I did study for a day for Network+, and was able to make it out of there today having only missed two questions. Both were related to long-haul cable specifications, and I'm not really too upset, since I really hope never to be a wire-dawg again at this point in my career.

For all of you new guys out there, good luck on your studies and on the exam! For you old guys, at least crack open the book the day before. icon_wink.gif
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