take A+ OS and CORE at the same time?

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I couldnt find a suitable place to put this question so i picked one of the two forums.

I was wondering if it is easier to take both of the A+ exams on the same day or on different dates?


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    I admire those who take them in the same day. I don't understand the benefit of studying for two exams at once... I took mine 3 weeks apart.
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    Well I took the Core in July and I'm finally taking the OS on Sept 8th. The reason for me was money.

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    I think it's easier to study for one test at a time, I took core then took OS about 2 weeks later.
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    I just took both last Friday and passed them both. Although I passed, I probably would have achieved a higher score if I had taken them one at a time. I have been working with computers as a hobby since DOS 4 something days.... actually a little longer than that. I still have a 20 meg MDM hard drive kicking around here somewhere.... bet you wont find them on the test!! LOL I find that with the A+ test, its the little things that will make you or break you. Learn the details and you will do fine no matter what route you choose.
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    I took both in one day. One right after the other. Yeah, that sucked because I failed the OS, which I took second. If you're going to do the same day, i would say at least schedule thema few hours apart, so you can get away from the test enviroment, study up a bit, relax.
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    I would suggest taking them on different days. For one reason, you can focus all your attention on a single exam versus the other and this would probably allow you to retain more information. Secondly, consider the situation where you fail the first...you may be in a poor state of mind at this point which would likely effect how you do in the second.

    If anything, schedule them 2 days apart. This way, should you desire to give yourself more time for the second, you can safely re-schedule. At least I think you can. I believe that you cannot re-schedule 24 hours before the exam...it might be 12 hours though.

    If you know your stuff or if you have to drive 2+ hours to the exam site (or whatever time that makes things difficult for you) then I could see why that would effect your decision. Other than that, I would definitely schedule them on different days.
  • HÆLLRÆZORHÆLLRÆZOR Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 51 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I studied for both at the same time and took them back to back easy and fun. but it depends on you.
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    I took/passed both of mine on the same day. I scheduled them about 2 hours apart so that I could spend an hour or 2 cramming for the OS after the hardware exam to clear my head of all the hardware stuff. It's just such an exercise to get myself worked up in to testing mode, I found it easier to only have to do that once. Besides, if you pass the first exam, you go in to the second one with this big confidence high that really pushes you through number 2.
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    since i failed the os a few days ago, i'm planning both core and os around the same time, so as of now i'm planning 3 days apart (friday and monday) because

    a. 4 day weekend of school (yes, i'm still a sophmore in high school)
    b. gives me some time to prepare in between
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