Lab PSTN cloud question

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I've currently got a 4 site CME lab setup over WAN that was used for my CCNA Voice (3 x 1760's back to a 2691) which should be viable for the next step to CCVP. I'll use the 2691 as my HQ and gatekeeper, with the 1760's being branch offices.

I'd now like to start adding a PSTN cloud to the mix, probably another 1760 that has a suspect fastethernet interface. One of my 1760's already has a 1MFT-E1 card, is it possible to add further E1 cards the the cloud router and back-to-back the E1's via cross-over cables? Any supprises I should be aware of in setting up a PSTN cloud? Can I use a 1MFT-G703 in place of the 1MFT-E1 card?

It's always best to ask these questions before buying the hardware, I've been caught before.

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