SharePoint Topology, HELP!

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Hi all,

I have a bit of a problem. let me explain:

I know how to install and configure sharepoint server 2007, i just dont know how to implement a web front end server.

I have been going through the microsoft documentation and it seems that im looking for the Split back to back topology: Design extranet farm topology (Office SharePoint Server)

Let me explain what im after and maybe you can suggest something:

I want our users to be able to access our sharepoint site from home. They need to be able to upload documents and use it as though they were here at work. I want the internal network to be the main focus, but i need both the internal and external networks to replicate to each other, while the external network is separated from the internal network, as to stop security issues, a firewall will also be placed between them both.

Does anybody have any ideas, am i on the right track or am i missing something?

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    Hi wedge1988,

    I am surprised no one has responded to this. FYI...When you install SharePoint 2007 that is a WFE. You may have figured this out already but here you go just in case. What I would suggest is to is go to Central Administration > Operations > Alternate Access Mappings > Edit Public Zone URLs configure the internet address for the site. Make sure you have the correct site selected. You then need to add DNS record for this address, configure host headers in IIS and open it up on your firewall. I recommend forcing SSL. That is it then your remote staff will be able to type in the URL and log in using their AD accounts from home or anywhere on the internet.

    Let me know if you need more help on this.
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