ACL questions on INTRO test??

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Can anyone help me out here?

The practice test questions that I have for the the INTRO test (640-821) seem to have a lot of ACL questions. ACLs are not really covered that much, if at all, in my training material for this test. Are ACLs covered ( at all or in depth) on the INTRO test??
Thanks for the help, -cg


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    It took me two tries to get my CCNA and I had 4-5 questions on ACLs each time. I had to create one as part of the sim, the rest were to specify action given ACL and to select appropriate ACL items in order to accomplish action. Over all I think ACL were stressed more that subnetting. I did take 640-801.
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    The INTRO exam may cover some basic questions about access list, ie. their purposes, different types perhaps, and maybe some basic commands (ie. how do you assign a list to the first Ethernet infterface?) but you won't be required to actually build an entire access list, that is something for the ICND exam (and of course 'the one' CCNA exam that the previous posted took).
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    thanks for the info. -cg
    Thanks for the help, -cg
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    If you have them you wud pbly know that the Cisco Press Books do not talk about access list at all in the INTRO book.

    My guess is they wont test you much on it. But its always good to be well prepared i guess.

    Hope it Helps.
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    I hope im not breaking any agreements with Cisco...if iam guys pls let me know!!
    I think this a good example of something that is acceptable, although there is a huge grey area. You should try to avoid things like "when I took the exam" though... You are not allowed to disclose any information about 'your' exam, but when it comes down to following and violating rules (and IMHO this goes for every rule in every context) one should rely on common sense. (unless you are a phyco-maniac ;)). The main idea of not disclosing exam info (apart from those bd-sites that steal question) is to ensure that the certification retains its value by preventing future examinees from having an unfair advantage. Like I said, the grey area is huge ;)

    As you probably know, when have pretty strict rules when it comes to disclosing exam information, but the fact that the exam objectives listed by Cisco have become so general (no details like for the 640-607 exam for example) it has become more difficult to determine what is unfair and what isn't.

    Obviously Cisco would prefer that nobody ever talks or writes about their exams except themselves, so that everyone goes to a Cisco course/academy or buys Cisco press material, hence all the money goes to them... (Disclaimer: it is actually not Cisco who handles the certs and exams but a third party company.)

    As long as Cisco isn't going to act seriously by doing something against all those illegal **** sites and provides students with a decent list of exam objectives again, we are not going to delete post where people disclose what was NOT on their exams. (I doubt anyone disagrees when I say it is not an unfair advantage to know that you don't need to learn certain topics that aren't listed in the officially studyguide and exam objectives, right?)

    Looking at the Index and TOC of a Cisco official study guide (often provided as sample chapters at and often provided a good detailed overview of what is on the exam. Unfortunately, the list is never entirely complete.

    Sorry for the rant... icon_rolleyes.gif
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    hey Johan, although u have quoted me, i think we were both replying to the post at the same time, you were quoting me and i was busy editing my earlier post !! thinking i might be risking breaking the agreement. do u think i shud post back what i posted earlier?
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    That's up to you, I don't think it's needed though because you already answered the question with the reference to the Cisco books. I think you are right, that if it isn't in the INTRO book, it won't be on the INTRO test either.

    Like I said, I wouldn't have deleted or edited your post if you let it the way it was. I guess it is safe to go the "when-in-doubt,-don't" way ;)
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    I received no ACL questions on my INTRO exam. Honestly, INTRO felt like Net+ with subnetting questions.
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    Drakonblayde thanks for the help. c__g
    Thanks for the help, -cg
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