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Was just comfirming, in the exam if asked what layer does the NIC operate at....I have found the answer to be The Physical Layer is this correct?...I have seen some materials that put it in the Data-link Layer.

Thanks for the help
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    Mark, this question has come up multiple times. It can be confusing if you don't read carefully. I can almost guarantee question about this on your exam. Good ? though :)

    The actual NIC card itself and any type of media connector falls under layer 1 of the OSI model. The voltage and Bits that travel through the media are also layer 1.

    The drivers and Mac Address of the NIC card are part of the Data link Layer which is layer 2.

    The question on the exam will be specific and it might even be a multi awnser, therefore you could just check layer 1 and 2!

    Read here to understand 100%
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    It's a good thing to know it as both layer 1 & layer 2. icon_wink.gif

    --Kerry :D
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