Network+ Vouchers free options?

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Thanks to this site .. I've used transignal (best), CBT and Glen E Clarke Network+ book. I'm almost ready for the exam and looking for options on vouchers.
Finding $239 is not the easiest for me presently (I know its an investment). Hitting tough times...

Any ideas on obtaining a voucher preferrably for free or on credit?
Thought I'll ask. Thanks for your input.


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    You may try the link on the left for exam vouchers.

    Otherwise, if you are ready, don't worry about it, just pay for the exam. The creditial will stay with YOU for life, so if it is something you want to do, it is a small price to pay.
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    I signed up at Discount Test Vouchers for A+ Certification Microsoft Certification from GetCertify4Less and they sent me emails for discounted vouchers.
    I paid $180 for my Net+ voucher but I had to take it within 2 weeks. In fact all of my CompTIA vouchers have been discounted.
    The only problem I had with the Net+ voucher was that all of the testing centers in St. Louis were booked and I had to schedule it at a college about an hour away. No big deal. Just made a little road trip out of it. I passed it so the drive back seemed short!:)

    Last week I got an email for a Net+ voucher at $175, same deal - 2 weeks to take it.
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