I think I've decided to go back to school...

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...after I get through the first time. icon_lol.gif

I have a year or so left before I graduate with my bachelors in MIS. I've considered abandoning this route and going for a bachelors in Computer Science, since it's held my interest lately, especially with my newfound interest in network security.
I'm considered going back to college for another bachelors, possibly doing that on the side while I work (hopefully).

I would consider heading in that direction now if it weren't for the fact that the coursework is so unrelated to what I've been taking. If I switch paths now, I'll be looking at a solid two years of school, most likely around three. After having been going for three years already, that's somewhat discouraging when you only have an Associates degree at the moment. I just can't justify not pursuing this degree since I've worked so hard and am so close to finishing it.

I ultimately want a Masters in network/computer security. I love learning new material, I can't imagine going through life not constantly trying to learn new things. Sorry about the rant. :P


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    Sounds cool! I really don't see the need for 2 bachelor degrees though. Just finish what you started and go off from that degree to futher your education. Remember you are in a field where experience comes before a degree. Its good to have both, but its not necessary to be successfull in IT. I have a degree myself & went back for more education but the classes were too "unrelated" Where are you going to school anyways? Good Luck!
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    finish what is left on degree and get all the experience you can b/c it counts more than education
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