Out of all the MS Exams...

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I'm worried about this one the most. Not because of the information, but because reading the questions are so flipping tricky. I'm going through Transcenders and the questions seem very inconclusive as to what they are really looking for. On top of that, it seems like every time that you pick out what would normally be the correct answer-some nuance slips by that would hardly happen in the real world.

I had to rant, thanks for reading.


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    I thought the real exam was worse than Transcender. Good luck! icon_lol.gif
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    With one test left before my MCSE (70-293), 70-294 has been the hardest of the bunch so far for me.

    The explanations for Transcender are good, but like Dynamik said, the real test seemed even harder than Transcender.

    Good luck!
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    Wow! Normally Transcender is harder than the actual exam. I'm not looking forward to that one.
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    I found out of the Server 2003 exams, 70-293 was the hardest.
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    I'm actually taking this exam tomorrow morning at 9am. I passed 293 with an 850 and I sorta rushed this exam due to the Second Shot promotion ending at the end of this month. After touching up on my weak areas (designing an efficient OU structure), I think I'll do OK-but if I don't I've got my Second Shot to back me up.

    I usually would prefer to take my normal route of an exam a month, but I feel very confident with GPO applications and trust relationships. We'll see how far that confidence gets me tomorrow, however.

    Wish me luck!
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    Agent6376 wrote: »
    Wish me luck!

    A bit demanding, but OK. Good luck! icon_wink.gif
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    A bit demanding, but OK. Good luck! icon_wink.gif

    I'm delegating luck wishing to you. If you do a good job then we'll talk to corporate and see about getting you a nice big bonus (providing that I pass).

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    Transcender has taken years off my life. I've gone through their practice exams thinking that there's no way I pass the real exam, based on the Transcender struggles. Then I sit for the exam, and am surprised how much easier it is. If the reverse is true, this may actually kill me.
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