Passing traffic to a non-cosco firewall over VPN

mzinzmzinz Member Posts: 328
I've got a Cisco router with several subinterfaces running. There are 2 interfaces. G0/0 is a trunk link to a switch, and G0/1 is a connection to the internet.

There is a Watchguard firewall connected to the switch (the same one the router is connected to).

The firewall has a VPN established with another site. From that other site, hosts can access our servers. From our site, we are unable to access any of their hosts.

I have a single static route setup for this remote site which points at our firewall. (ip route

Is there something I'm missing? My router is the DFG for all subnets on our network, so if anyone is attempting to access the remote network, it will hit our router, which should point it at the firewall. I know that the firewall has routes to all subnets on our end.
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