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Just got this in my email.

I’m pleased to advise you that you were among the first 400 applicants for a CompTIA Server+ beta voucher. I have enclosed the voucher number for you to use in registering for the exam. Please note that a request has recently been submitted to extend these vouchers to July 30th. It may take several days for this update to be implemented.

If your test provider advises that they cannot schedule this exam past June 30th, it is because their systems have not yet been updated with the extension.

This voucher will expire on July 30th. However, once 400 candidates have received vouchers and taken the exam, we will terminate this offer. If we note that you have not registered or taken the exam prior to us reaching the goal of 400 exams, we will advise.

The Server+ beta exam number, for registration purposes, is SK1-003.

Your voucher may only be used at Prometric test centers. I encourage you to take the exam as soon as you can.

Do remember that your test results will not be sent to you until the launch of the live exam scheduled for Q4, 2009.

Wonder whats going on.
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    girt81girt81 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I got the same thing today. I'm actually already scheduled to take it tomorrow. The voucher number was the same for me in both emails, so I'm guessing its just an extension for another month instead of being a whole new voucher issued.
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    tomkentomken Member Posts: 63 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I got this email last week as well. I was already scheduled to take this exam today, June 29th. I have really been working hard trying to get through the MCSE track, and have been bustiing hump on the 293 for the past few weeks, so I didn't get as much time in on the Server+ material as I would of liked. I was able to reschedule this exam for Tuesday July 7th, but the prometric centers here in PA do not offer any dates past that. Maybe they are still working on that?!?!?!? I would really like to sit this exam in the latter part of July if possible, the In-Laws are coming to visit the 5th through the 10th, and the old lady won't be real happy if I bail on them to go take a test-She doesn't have the same passion for computers and technology as I do, in fact, I had to miss out on a Technet Roadshow event on one of their prior visits because of this!!!!!!
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