201 exam without the use of study aids

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First time poster here.

I'm currently going through the 201 objectives and for each bulleted point. For each topic, I'm writing up notes, information, etc, etc.

For example, on 1.1 Differentiate among various systems security theats, for a rootkit I would note what it is, various types of them, etc

I'm wondering if anyone else has taken the exam and followed this approach. Did it work for you? Am I on the right track, recommendations, etc? I haven't bought any external aids like study exams, books, etc as quite frankly I'm didn't want to buy a book just for a certification exam.

I've got about 5 years of security experience just been slow to the certification race.

Any and all comments are welcome.


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    Everyone's studying habits will be somewhat different. I like your approach with the objectives. I'm presently working on the SY0-201 exam as well. I lucked out and found an Exam Cram book and the Sybex kit used from Amazon / Half.com for the 201 exam.

    I'm reading each one in Parallel, since the chapters almost coincide with each other. Each book has some different material from the other.

    You can always re-sell the books once you have passed the exam.

    Good Luck.
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