Ways to expand my job search?

GundamtdkGundamtdk Member Posts: 210
I am currently job searching for Help Desk/Technical Support Position.

I have sent my resumes to job postings and I have gotten a few interviews but nothing solid.

I have talked to some of references and so far no good lead.

I have been thinking about turning to headhunters/recruiters for help.

What else can I do to expand my job search?


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    msteinhilbermsteinhilber Member Posts: 1,480 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Where are you searching for job openings currently? How many positions are you applying for? There are a lot of sources out there to locate job openings, many of them will have the same jobs but in many cases you will also find jobs that are not listed elsewhere.

    My typical routine involves checking Monster.com, Dice.com, and jobs.yahoo.com for some of the national search resources. Then I look more on a local level and check the State of Wisconsin Job Center which has a job posting board. Most states have some form of a job listing website or a website with links to local job listings. I made a list of them broken down by state a while ago and you can find that thread here (assuming you are in the US):


    In addition, I check my local newspapers website - there are still some employers that do not publish listings online and still rely on newspapers as well. And finally, there are several larger organizations in my area that I often check right on their website to see if any positions are available.
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