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I'm going to one of those job certification schools here in St.Louis MO, and I've just gotten my A+ and Network+ certifications throught this two phase program. Now the next phase of this involves me doing a two to three month non-paid internship with a company in their IT department and either of the following Microsoft certification:

After talking to one of the administators at the school, he said that if I took the following courses that not only will I have my MCSE but I'll also have my MCDBA. Here is the course list:

70-210 Windows 2000 professional
70-215 Windows 2000 server
70-216 Windows 2000 network infrastructure
70-217 directory infrastructure
70-220 Security Windows 2000
70-228 Anministration SQL 2000
70-229 Design SQL 2000
Will this list of courses give me both certifications?

I also know that the MCSA is only three courses, but taking that certification would require me to be in class. Doing the other certifications will allow me to work full time and do the part time internship because these courses will be loaded onto a laptop computer. Allowing me to study from work (I have a really cool boss that doesn't mind) and home. If you were faced with the same decision as I am right now which one would you choose? I need to make a decision by Monday cause that is when they can order me the laptop.


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    Yes, that would make you both MCSE and MCDBA, because the 216 is a core exam for the MCSE but an elective for the MCDBA, and the SQL admin and SQL design exams are core exams for the MCDBA but elective for the MCSE. Additionally, the 215 exam is a core exam for the MCSE and a valid core networking exam for the MCDBA.

    Check out the following pages for more detailed info:



    I'd definitely go for the internship. Apart from the things you will learn from your MCSE/MCDBA studies, you will pick up valuable experience. Just make sure you get relevant tasks during your internship.

    Are you supposed to take an exam every week? Or do you plan to take them all at once at the end of the internship? Neither would be ideal... don't rush into exams just to become certified as then your certification will be of little value.

    Are they going to provide you with study material?

    Good luck!
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    lazyartlazyart Member Posts: 483
    A wonderful opportunity. If you can make it work financially for yourself, go for it. MCSE alone is over $700 for exams alone. Who's picking up the tab on the tests? Free study materials and hands on practice is a great deal-- even if you have to foot the bill for anything else.

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    Webmaster & lazyart,
    No I have roughly have 16 months to complete all seven exams before I would have to come out of pocket. So I'm hoping I could take an exam every 1.5 to two months. I'm going through a job training program through the state which is cool cause they didn't have to take me since I already have a B.S. degree. But since I have been working with this particular<sp>state agency since high school they know I've been trying my best to find work since graduating college over a year ago now.

    As far as study material...they are going to provide me with a laptop computer loaded with all the study material covering all the exams. I think they will be using skillvantage as well as measure up exam preps and exam prep/exam cram material. So with that and maybe a few more books I should be okay.

    I also have WIN2000 Server, which I've never used so I guess this will be the perfect time to use it. Heck this will give me an opportunity to finally build a new computer (to use as a server of course)
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    lazyartlazyart Member Posts: 483
    6-8 weeks should be plenty to gear up for an exam.
    I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing.
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    garv221garv221 Member Posts: 1,914
    Sounds like a great opportunity. Play your cards right and you'll be setting yourself up for a good career path. Good Luck! :D
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