Stuck in Cisco subnetting game.

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While playing the Cisco subnetting game I came accross a problem I didnt understand.

the work order stated that there were FOUR Computers (I was expecting it to say routers since thats what we configure in this game), EACH in TWO areas.

the graphic showd 16 devices (what I assume to be routers) split into 4 groups of 4, one in each corner of the diagram.

I don't understand the wording used at all. How am I supposed to devide 4 computers each into two areas? besides that, there is no place to put in computer ips, only network, broadcast, and router addresses.

Any body play through this and understand it? it was iether on the 2nd or 3rd level. Thanks.


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    rsuttonrsutton Member Posts: 1,029 ■■■■■□□□□□
    If I remember correctly you only need to subnet the router and also leave enough usable hosts for the computers.

    So if I am readin this correctly use subnets that give you 5 usable hosts and you should be good.

    and so on

    If they want you to utilize a full class C you would need to use a /28 for 16 subnets.
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