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Ok I recently took my network + I only studied for 3 days about 2 to 3 hours a day. I scored a passing grade of 660 I know not very good. but I didnt have much time to study I had a deadline. I guess my real question is how hard do you think the security+ exam will be for me ? or should I study the network+ more even though I passed ? I plan on studying more for security+ since iam not on a deadine.. what do you guys think ?


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    I think if your goal is merely to collect certifications...then you may not be in the correct industry.

    If you read the objectives for Sec+ and have experience working with those aspects of Networks, you may do well.

    It is nearly impossible for anyone here to *know* what you *know*. Even if you stated you've worked in IT for 'x' amount of time only YOU *know* if the items on the objectives make sense for you or not.

    Generally, most CompTIA exams recommend approximately 40 hours of prep/review for candidates WITH experience. It goes up from there, so you'll need to decide for yourself how prepared you are.

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    Depends. It doesn't sound like you had too much networking experience with what you've said. How much experience do you have with security? You will still need to study, but a lot of it comes down to your experience.

    Like Plantwiz said, check the objectives and see if you understand the different topics. Study what you don't know and make sure you make sure you touch the subjects that you do know.

    Make sure you get more than 3 days of study time, though! :)

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    of coarse I know what I am doing I am not merly collecting certs . I currently have my Associate degree in computer science and ahve been working in the IT field for 5 years now . however I second guess myself a lot on test specially comptia question hehe .but in the field no way Ijust don't take tests well.
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    Network+ and Security+ are two very different animals. Hopefully you will have a good grasp of well known ports and the protocols used for each which would be beneficial. Plan to do some studying if concepts like MAC/DAC/RBAC are new to you also make sure you understand the basics of cryptography (symmetric vs. asymmetric) which ciphers are sym vs asym, key lengths/block sizes, hashing, signing etc. If you have good study skills and a fair amount of experience you can probably pass this in one or two weeks of studying.

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    I probably had about 80+ hours of studying on my own for the Network+ and a week long class on the fundamentals of networking through Global Knowledge through my work. The exam was fairly easy to me due to all of this. I have already purchased some Security+ study books and taken a few practice exams and can say that in my opinion, Security+ will be much least much more in depth. I have worked very, very little on actual security issues on our network though, Firewalls, DMZ's, NAT'ing and some wireless security is about all I've actually had my "hands" on. I believe I may have a ways to go. Let the studying and working begin!
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    your net+ actually helps you for the sec+

    being that you skimmed net+, you'll have problems with sec+.

    like all other comptia certs, youre graded by whats on the objectives. if you have no experience in security, good luck as you'll need it.
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    You should study the objectives and the books well. If I did just barely enough to pass the exam I would not feel accomplished. I like really knowing the material inside and out before going in for the exam. This will also benefit you in future exams or classes at school you might take. Never hurts to be a head of your game.
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