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So I was just looking to see if Friday is open for me to schedule the exam and I noticed that its $250 to take the exam!!! icon_eek.gif That's highway robbery....

Is the comeback2009 code still good for use? Also can you use that code if you've used it on other exams, or is it just good for one time use?


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    For the CCNA Specializations you can use the SPECIALIZE code if you need to call your first exam attempt a practice test.

    Cisco Specialize Promotion
    Here’s how to redeem your Cisco “Specialize” Exam:

    Register for an exam at full price. If you fail the exam, you may schedule a free retake of the same exam by entering the promotion code: SPECIALIZE at the time of registration.

    Offer only valid for Cisco CCNA Concentration exams: 640-460-IIUC CCNA Voice, 640-553 IINS CCNA Security and 640-721 IUWNE CCNA Wireless (not valid on online exams).
    I think it runs out about the same time as the COMEBACK2009 promotion -- so I think you have until sometime in July to do a practice test and then schedule your SPECIALIZE promotion exam -- but you'd want to check with VUE to find out the dates for sure.

    I never got the impression that there was a limit of only 1 use of the promotion code -- but you'd have to pay for an exam and fail before you could use the promotion. If you failed the promotion exam then you'd have to pay for another -- and I'd guess that one would then be eligible (if needed) for another use of the promotion code.
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