How many questions in the 270 exam?

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Hi All

How many questions in the 270 exam? I've read tech notes and done a lot of demo and practice exams, 5 to 50 questions got a 216 question demo exam to do as well.

The pass is 700, so I'm guessing 1000 in total?



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    The number of questions you get on any microsoft exam is random, from other members it seems to be anything from 40-70ish questions. The pass mark is 700 on all MS exams I know of however that does not equate to 70% as you can never be sure if you answer all the questions correctly equals 1000. Also sometimes they through in 0 pointer questions so even if you get those correct it does not go towards your score.

    Truth be told no-one really knows and even if we did the answer would probably be just as vague and wibbly-wobbly as our assumptions.
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    Really? I have gotten 50 questions exactly every time. Unless you are counting the survey ones.
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