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I am attending school to earn my degree in electronic engineering. After some reading and research i would also like to pursue a career in IT. I just dont know if i should start with getting certefied in network+ or just skip that and study and pass the ceent certifaction instead. I was able to get the cbtnuggets serious for ccent and ccna, also have the traingsignal and have the cisco academy discovery and exploration training aswell. I do have the cbt and traingsignal video training for the network+ cerification. just dont know if i should skip the network+. Sorry if i put to much here, eventually after i pass ceent i do want top get ccna and look into also getting certified in mcsa/mcse. I would really like your guys input on this. Thanks


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    If you are confident in your networking skills, go for the CCENT then CCNA. It's much more advanced of a certification than the Net+. The Net+ is vendor neutral, but CCNA/CCENT are vendor specific. That doesn't matter too much with general networking, as the Cisco stuff will go into a lot more depth than the Net+ that would be much more beneficial in the real world applications.

    But, if you aren't too savvy on the networking side of things, definitely take the Net+. Just know that once you do take the CCENT/CCNA, the Net+ will be greatly overshadowed by it.

    Of course, if you have the A+, and you do go for the MCSA, the Net+ addition will allow you to use the combination as an elective for the cert. Expensive for an elective, but if you are going to do it anyway, it's there.
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    This is all new to me. Its just that as i was studying for the network+ exam i was going trough some of the ccent/ccna material and it all seem to be some what the same.
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    There's a decent amount of overlap between the Network+ and CCENT (ICND1). You get in much deeper into the Cisco world in ICND2.
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    so with that said. skip net+ and just go for the ccent and then ccna or do net+?
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    If you go the Cisco route (ie: CCENT--->CCNA) then in my opnion let the Network+ go. After I pass ICND2 (CCNA), I'm going for Security+.
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    I think that the Net+ is a good entry level cert. If you don't know a lot about networking, wiring, and such, then take the Net+. I learned a lot about general networking through studying for that cert. However, it is an entry level cert. Your not going to get the big job offer cause you have the Net+. Good luck.
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