Failed "the beast was mad"

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Failed 291 got 615 two days back am bit stressed up now but i wanna give it a best short again a had a problems on DNS you know and a bit of IP NEED your help guys anybody got tips how to kill the beast please i will appreciate.
Show me the way to go


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    no worries, I am sure you will slay it the next time. don't get discouraged. It sounds as though you know your weak areas, so focus on those. Understand the concepts so you are prepared to answer a larger array of questions. How many sims did you have. You were only a handful of questions away. Also remember to use good test taking skills and do not go back and change answers.
    I always schedule for mid morning. get plenty of sleep, a good breakfast with protein (for your brain), and stay relaxed.
    Good luck! Don't wait too long to take it again icon_thumright.gif

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  • Johnny JohnsonJohnny Johnson Member Posts: 241 ■■■□□□□□□□
    What are you using for practice material? I highly recommend Transcender if you aren't already using it.
    Next up: 100-101 ICND1 :study:

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    How long did you study for?
  • TravR1TravR1 Member Posts: 332
    This is the one test I am planning on spending a lot of money for study material.

    Keep working at it! this test is worth passing
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