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Hello All,

I've been pretty fortunate to have some experience. I moved from my native Denver to Amarillo, TX in order to take a Jr. Admin position under a good friend of mine. I only had the position for 8 months before I was unfortunately laid off, but at least it introduced me to some of the concepts.

I've been working as a computer technician in a small repair shop. This is a very non-tech city, so overqualification and underpay are common because there are few jobs. I did get my A+ after several months of study (I probably could have done it a lot faster if I had focused), and now I'm starting my MCSA/SE track. I'm pretty familiar and have many years of experience with basic stuff, but the meat of the material reaquires I study the terms and go through a lot of practice hoops, but I don't feel like it's totally alien most of the time.

My questions are thus and are general in nature:

When taking MS exams, did most of you try to focus on one exam at a time, then take each exam? Or did you just read all the material possible and then go for exams in rapid succession?

How valuable did you find the official Microsoft material, such as the 'core' exams?

What was your average study time for each exam?

I'm really grateful for this forum. Seems like it will be a great resource or at least shoulder to lean on :)
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