Cisco IP phones and licensing

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Hey guys,

I'm just now getting into learning about Cisco VoIP and I'm in the process of building my lab. I'm looking at getting some IP phones off of ebay but I've been burned before by buying a phone (7905) that didn't come with a license.

How exactly does licensing work with Cisco CME?

Is it possible to buy phones that come with licenses? Do I even need licenses if I'm just setting up a voice lab?

What phone would give me the best bang for my buck with CME 3.3? (Cisco 3640 router)

Should I be looking at SIP or SCCP phones?

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    Get a 7940 or 7960. They should work fine.

    Also don't buy the phones if they have been converted to use sip. The ccna voice test much more on sccp
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    Also don't buy the phones if they have been converted to use sip. The ccna voice test much more on sccp
    You can change them back to skinny easily enough.
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    To answer the OP about licensing with my extremely limited knowledge, I believe the call manager licenses your phone. I know that's the way it works with the UC520. You just plug a phone in and it will register it as a licensed phone up to the amount of licenses available. Once you reach the max amount, you have to unplug a phone somewhere in order to add a new phone or else get a license expansion.
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    I would not invest in a phone like a 7905, I would look for a 7940 or 7960 (preferred) as was previously mentioned. You can also use soft phones like IP Blue. The licensing is controlled on the CUCM through the use of Device License Units (DLU) which are installed, on CME it's a little more of an 'on your honor' system with the license you purchused. Typically in a lab you will only be using 4-6 phones max with some analog connections thrown in there.
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