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I have a wired router. Router is connected to the switch. Switch has 3 computers and a AP wired to it. I hav a wireless computer with which i m able to ping the AP and not the router. Cable connections between AP and switch is good. Wired computers connected to switch are working fine( and not AP). I took of the switch and connected the AP to the router directly. Now i m able to ping the AP and not the router. I am able to ping the AP from the wired computers which are connected to the switch(they are pinging the router and they are working fine). Now i want to make the AP to work with the(wired) router and i want to add a linksys range expander between them. Could anyone help me fix this one.

Note:I have assinged a Static ip for AP

A static IP for wireless computer which is able to connect the AP and not roter

A switch in with 3 computers (working fine) Switch connectd to router.

AP and router are in the same IP range.

Able to use wired computer without any problem while wired to router.
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